Mysore and surrounds - All India Tour

Mysore, Karnataka, South India

Our first stop is Mysore where we are practicing Ashtanga Yoga with Saraswathi (daughter of the late Pattabhi Jois, fondly known as Guruji by his students).

This is also where we are picking up our Royal Enfields which have been preordered with the help of Anya's friend.  Our month practicing yoga in Mysore will allow us to order accessories and prepare the bikes (and ourselves!!) for the upcoming 5 months on the road.


  • Morning stillness

    Cows are sacred in India and roam the streets freely amongst the daily chaos of traffic, people and other animals. This cow was captured enjoying the monring calm before vendors set up shop and road users of all sorts spilled into the streets.

  • Mobile flower merchant, Gokulum

    Spiritual practices are a part of daily life. Flowers are an important part of worship offerings and rituals (Puja).

  • Entering the Shala...

    Collection of footwear left by students as they enter the yoga shala for chanting. Footwear are removed before entering temples, homes and shops. This is done as a sign of respect and to avoid bringing inside any impurities or negavtive energy that may have been collected on ones feet. Footwear are also regarded as unholy.

  • ...and the footwear wait

    Finding your shoes can sometimes be a case of "where's Waldo/Wally?"

  • Mobile knife sharpening

    While preparing our breakfast fruit salad after practice one morning, I complained that the kitchen knife was dull. Later that same day Philipp heard a racket outside. As if the local knife sharpening man had heard my earlier complaints, he mysteriously appeared at our front gate with his portable knife sharpening assembly (a sharpening stone attched to a bicycle flywheel, powered by a foot pedal). In all my previous trips to India I had not yet seen a knife sharpening wallah*, yet low and behold when I needed one, there he was! But that's India for you!! * generic Indian term for a person involved in some kind of activity, in this case knife sharpening

  • Chumandi Hill snack wallah

    Exchange between the snack wallah and a man who had come to the Chamundeshwari Temple atop of Chamundi Hill (apparently with an empty belly). Chamundi HIll is 13 km east of Mysore and offers great sunrise and sunet (auspicious times) of Mysore and surrounds.

Shravanabelagola (85km N of Mysore).

Ooty and Coonoor, Tamil Nadu


Yoga Stops Traffick was a fund and awareness raising event which took place March 5th in various locations around the world. We attended the event in Mysore which was held at Mysore Palace.

Funds raised went to support the organisation Odanadi (which translates to 'Soulmate'); like many such organisations, they take a holistic approach to addressing human trafficking and supporting victims. You can support their good work by organising a Yoga Stops Traffick event in your own country; details on the Odanadi website.

Participants at the event in Mysore included western yoga students, locals, and children from the home which Odanadi runs; we all completed 27 Sun Salutations (Surya Namskara).

30 Sec. time lapse

Mysore - Bandipur Nat. Park. (4min/riding)

Outskirts of Mysore

Rural roads

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