Sacred sites: Bodhgaya & Varanasi - All India Tour

Two of the most sacred sites for Buddhism and Hindusim are located in Northern India within a few hundred kilometers of each other. We visted both and below are some of the images.

Bodhgaya, in Bihar, Northern India is accepted to be the location where Siddhartha Guatama attained enlightenment and became an 'Enlightened One' or a Buddha. What is now the Mahabodhi Temple was built at this location and it is a major Buddhist pilgrimage site.

On the Hindu side of things is the town of Varanasi, located on the river Ganges in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India. Varanasi - alsoknown as Kashi or Benares - is know as the spiritual capital of India and Hindu  mythology states that the town was founded by the god Shiva
- a major deity in Hinduism.

The Ganges river flows through Varanasi and it is believed that the river has spiritual powers and can wash away sins or karma and heal aliments. To faciltate this, there are numerous 'Ghats' - steps leading into the rivers edge - where people can immerse themselves inthe Ganges. Ritual ablutions, ceremonies and cremations occur on these ghats and many Hindu pilgrims visit Varanasi for these ceremonies.

Riding the streets of Varanasi

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