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Rishikesh is in the north of India in the foothills of the Himalaya. It is a small town by Indian standards and is known for its ashrams, the most famous of which is the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ashram, which was visited by the Beatles in the late '60's.  There are also numerous yoga schools and health food cafes in the north of the township. Rishikesh also has the Ganges flowing through the middle of it and this attracts many domestic tourists as there are numerous Hindu related temples in the area. There is also rafting, bungee jumping and some trekking offered.

Rishikesh is only a few hours north of Delhi but has much cleaner air than on the plains of India. There is also a calmer atmosphere than in the other major 'tourist towns' we've vistied. We stayed the longest here of any destination in India so far and recommed it.

Below is a short video of us riding through the tourist parts of Rishikesh (northern part of the town) on our Enfields (including the suspension bridge across the Ganges).

Rishikesh by bike

There are some nice winding roads out of Rishikesh with reasonable traffic, great for bikes!

Mcleod Ganj is located in Northern India, just a few kilometers north of the town of Dharamsala. Mcleod Ganj is the seat of the Tibetan Government in exlie and the Dalia Lama; the town attracts a lot of international tourists.

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