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Rajasthan Part 1.

Rajasthan is one of the largest states in India and is a photographic dream. The state is well know for its stark desert landscape, ancient desert forts, colourful clothing, camels and great food. Our first stop in Rajasthan was a friends place in Jaipur, but the itinerary is looking like Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Pali, Mt. Abu at the least, so stay tuned for more photos.

Before we went to Rajasthan we did a little side trip to Amritsar and the Golden temple; the main religous complex for the Sikh religion.



Ghandi Ghat, Pushkar

In the west of Rajasthan is a small town called Bikaner; usually just a stop over for tourists traveling to Jaisalmer, 25km south of the town is a temple known as the Temple of Rats. There are various stories surrounding this temple, but suffice to say the rats are treated as holy and have free reign over the temple.

Removing shoes is mandatory as for most temples and the rats are not shy, so this one is not for everyone! Below are some of the photos for our experience.

Temple of Rats video

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