All India Tour

All India Tour

The end...

Today marks the end of our All India Tour.

Jasmine and Lalita rode one last time through the streets of Delhi and are now in storage, awaiting the next adventure.

26 July 2017, New Delhi, India

It has been a grand trip by all accounts; in total we have spent exactly 6 months in India and spent 5 months in the saddle. In the end we rode just under 15,000km across this fascinating country, from the tropical south to the desert and the freezing Himalayas.

Our beautiful Royal Enfields didn't skip a beat, fording icy mountain rivers, running across the searing Rajasthani desert, and commuting through India's mega cities with poise and elegance; except in those numerous incidences of rider miscalculation (eg. falling into a stationary rickshaw mid intersection, or ending up in a ditch for no apparent reason  : / 

In total we only had 2 punctures and zero accidents despite bumping into, or being bumped by a few cars along the way! Nor did we hit any of the cows, dogs, cats, pigs, sheep, goats, camels, donkeys, horses or yak, that we had to dodge.

Throughout our trip we have met some fantastic people and have made great friends. The Indian people have been incredibly generous and helpful and have been wonderful hosts.  We can honestly say that we have had no negative experiences and nothing but smiles and well wishes when we say we are doing an "All India Tour on Bullet".

We hope you have enjoyed the photos and videos of our trip.  For anyone with the slightest interest in India we would highly recommend a visit to this vibrant country.  Stay tuned for one last video compilation of India from behind the bars,

Thank you Mother India for an incredible journey.



Temple of Rats

Compilation of the Himalyan passes (6:00m)

Compilation of the best of the Himalayan roads (8:30m)

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